Friday, January 13, 2012

83-and-a-half, 83-and-three-quarters and #79

83.5 - I don't know if this counts, but I made Vinnie, Trinity & Maggie pillow-cases and crayon-holders.  I have decided not to make quilts for Devin and Mia, mostly because I'm kind of on creative burn-out.  I made Mia a horse for Christmas (which I need to finish.) It isn't really as cute as I had hoped, but I think with practice, they'll be adorable.  But, I am also the kid of girl who makes 3 or 4 & then says "I'm on creative burn-out" ;)

#83.75 - I finished Hannah's quilt. She loves it. Her mom's the best. :P

#79.  Mom & I set out to make a dress for Hannah this past Easter (2011).  Mom was very anxious and started to create.  She made 89.9% of the dress.  I helped a little.  So it counts.  Plus, I purchased patterns & material for outfits (Shirts) for the girls.  I just haven't had the energy, desire, *whatever* to start them. 

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