Friday, January 13, 2012

83-and-a-half, 83-and-three-quarters and #79

83.5 - I don't know if this counts, but I made Vinnie, Trinity & Maggie pillow-cases and crayon-holders.  I have decided not to make quilts for Devin and Mia, mostly because I'm kind of on creative burn-out.  I made Mia a horse for Christmas (which I need to finish.) It isn't really as cute as I had hoped, but I think with practice, they'll be adorable.  But, I am also the kid of girl who makes 3 or 4 & then says "I'm on creative burn-out" ;)

#83.75 - I finished Hannah's quilt. She loves it. Her mom's the best. :P

#79.  Mom & I set out to make a dress for Hannah this past Easter (2011).  Mom was very anxious and started to create.  She made 89.9% of the dress.  I helped a little.  So it counts.  Plus, I purchased patterns & material for outfits (Shirts) for the girls.  I just haven't had the energy, desire, *whatever* to start them. 

#29 ,#30, #31

I used bad words in those #s. I was told once not to use the words ALWAYS or NEVER.
Because rarely are they appropriate. The context was in a mediation at work.  The mediator said we were not allowed to say "Jane NEVER gives me my phone messages." or "Billy ALWAYS comes to the meeting late".  The truth is, Jane forgot one or two important messages over the past 4 months & Billy was late 3 weeks in a row...
I digress.

#29 was: ONLY (translated always) grocery shop from a list.  I must say I have used lists MUCH more frequently than before.  I do blame that on how much I multi task & forget things.  And the fact that MY DAD WAS RIGHT - lists make the world go 'round.  It is not feasible to ALWAYS shop from a list. 
I made a list last night that included "Eggs, Bread crumbs, Flour, Honey."  But then I was in the coffee/tea isle and decided my HORRIBLE head cold needed some chamomile tea.  Was it on my list? No.  I bought it anyway. 

Then I remembered that we have been out of Hayley's School Lunch Yogurt (she likes the Go-Gurt tubes.  They are easily frozen and they stay nice and cold until lunch.).  I bought them, too.  Is this a true "Fail"?  I don't think so.

I must say - a week ago, I had a DETAILED list.  I haven't been REAL grocery shopping in 2 months.  It was getting bad in our house.  Old Mother Hubbard had NOTHING on Ol' Mother Harriger here...
I had my items categorized by area of the store (i.e. frozen, dairy, meat, etc) & my trip took no more than 45 minutes - including checkout, bagging and returning the cart.  It was heavenly. I also didn't have the girls with me, so that *might* have contributed to the speed.

#30 Never go into Walmart or Target without a list.  Right. 
How do you spell the sound your tongue makes when you stick it out (They call it a 'raspberry', but I spell it.. Bpfththhththththth). I occasionally go to those places just to walk around for 2 hours.  That is what they are for & I'm stickin' to it.  Plus... if "Clearance Isle" is on my list, that counts, right?

#31 Coupons.
I do. Sometimes.  I am not a huge coupon girl and this is why.  Usually (always) the coupons are for brand name items.  Usually (always) the store brand items are on in-store specials and are cheaper than the coupon/name brand item.  The stores do this on purpose I AM SURE.  They know Charmin TP has a $1.00 off coupon.  They want to sell their product which is usually 40-cents cheaper or more.  So, they'll just knock off an additional 75-cents and be less than Charmin.  And I will buy it.

So, that is why I rarely coupon.

Yes, I've seen Extreme Couponing.  Yes they get thousands of dollars of stuff for free.
There are so many things wrong with those people.  The only thing that separates most of them from the people in "Hoarders" is extreme organization!  Seriously! 

Couponers jump into dumpsters for Coupons, Hoarders jump in for old teddy-bears.
Couponers get an emotional "rush" from their good deals, Hoarders get that same rush - in a negative way - when you touch their stuff.
Couponers spend hours in the grocery store, Hoarders ... in the thrift store.
Couponers fill truck loads with stuff they don't need (Sports Drinks, Pet food for pets they don't have, products for the opposite gender, Kid-stuff when they are childless)

(I'm not making this up - a 16 year old boy claimed to be an extreme couponer & was showing his "collection".  He had about 50 packs of Feminine Hygiene products on that shelf.  He said "I don't even really know what these are, but they have Wings and they were FREE!"  I want to shake him & say "DONATE THEM TO A FOOD SHELF!")

Hoarders (sadly) think everything they touch is valuable, an antique, could be used someday (but won't ever)...

Couponers take those truckloads of items and set them neatly in their garage or spare bedroom in nice shelving units and rotate their stock like a "real" grocery store would.
Hoarders just open the door and toss their stuff on top.

One thing Hoarders have that Couponers do not... pancake-cats.
(If you've ever stomached Hoarders, you'll probably know what I'm referring to.  If not, please envision lovely golden pancakes, cooked with love on a Saturday morning, shaped with cookie-cutters to resemble cats.)

This was the Digression of all Digressions.  Sorry.


#25 Well, we did it.  We paid off our credit cards.
Don't tell, but we do have a Best Buy card WITH a balance.  But it is interest free until 2013 and we are on-par for paying that off before paying finance charges!

(is "on par" how you spell that? Is if fancy? like en-parre or something dumb?)

I don't talk about this amazing accomplishment often, because it was such a long process (just over 4 years) and it is tiresome.  I hate admitting how much debt we had and will never stop to think about how much money we spent in interest charges.
  And do NOT tell me. :)

#6, 8, 10

#6 I volunteered for Hayley's Halloween Party in Kindergarten.  I went to the "Nature Center" with her class in the spring, as well. Go me!  I LOVED when my mom would come hang out with my class.  Sadly, I think it was because I didn't have friends in my class and she'd actually talk to me...
#8 It is harder for me to volunteer for Hannah's Preschool than Hayley's.  I think it is because I don't drop her off or pick her up, so anytime they have a call for volunteers, I'm not there... and by the time Tim tells me - they have their list filled.  I am SURE if I said I'd like to come, they'd put me to use.
I did go on Hannah's Birthday and sat through the class.  She is such a cute little friend.  Of course it was only the 2nd day of preschool, so most kids looked like deer-caught-in-headlights over the whole situation.
#10 I have gone through these clothes tubs a hundred times.  Each fall & spring I have participated in a large consignment sale and have gotten rid of most everything.  So now I have it down to 3 Tubs: 1) "They might fit next year" 2)"Next season's sale" & "I'm too attached". 
The important things - coming home from the hospital outfits, Parent/Child dedication outfits, First birthday & Christmas outfits... those are all in ziplock bags in one tub.  I'm in no rush to get rid of the rest.


Okay, so in reviewing my list, I can safely cross off the following:

#3 - volunteer in children's ministries on a regular basis.  I have been teaching Sunday School every/other week for almost 3 years.  That counts, I think! 
This fall, I also volunteered to help be the "CRAFT LADY" in AWANA Cubbies!  So Far, So Good.  If it wasn't for Melody Biggar planning, preparing & organizing the crafts each week, I KNOW the crafts would be "Fruit Loop Necklaces" or "Color on this piece of paper" every week.  Who Knows, maybe I'd throw in a "Cheerio Bracelet".

I have REALLY enjoyed this time.  The sunday school class is the pre-school (4 Year Olds)/Kindergarten age.    This is such a weird and fantastic age.  They come in at 4 years old.  Either newly 4 (Summer babies) or "almost" 5, just not yet in Kindergarten.  The range of emotional & social maturity is amazing in this age group. BUT - despite what you are thinking, it isn't necessarily due to their age! Some of the "Just 4" are very competitive with the "Almost 6" year olds! Some of the 6 year olds... Well, I pray for my attitude some weeks.
Cubbies is mostly the same kids I have in Sunday School, plus a group that is just one step younger. I think they are supposed to be 4 when they start Cubbies.  Some kids turn in September/October and they were allowed in.
This has made me think about Hannah's situation.  Her birthday is September 15.  The district cut off for Kindergarten is September 1.  They are pretty strict about it, too (i.e. no early enrollment).  So, I just go with her starting Kindergarten in September 2012.  However, when I am with these kids who are 4 right now, and will be 5 years old by September 1... I think "They are SUCH little babies!"  How is my fiercely independent, bold & outgoing daughter with an amazingly strong personality going to fit in with these kids who still (literally!) hide behind their mom's legs?  Of course... maybe they only hide behind their moms when Hannah is RUNNING full force toward them to give them one of her super-dooper-world class hugs... (the kind where everyone ends up on the ground with Hannah on top). ;)
I know, someone has to be the oldest in every class and someone has to be the youngest.  Someone the tallest, someone the shortest.  I also know "Size-Wise" her peers will catch up eventually.  Hayley is no longer the tallest in her class and she was ALWAYS 97+%tile for height.
I was one of the youngest in my class AND I was the biggest. I survived (barely). At least Hannah can say "I AM a year older than you..." when she pushes them down for being mean.

101 by WHEN?

So, it appears I have skipped an ENTIRE year of my great unaccomplishable list.

However, I did create a new word:

Unaccomplishable- meaning... unable to accomplish.

I haven't totally given up.  I will choose the ones to remove from my list.  Things that are no longer as important as they were back when I started this!  Maybe that is my answer to those items.

... that is... if I remember how to work this blog.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

# 5, #25, #26

#5 - Sit in Hayley's Preschool class 2 afternoons.
I did one, on her birthday.  I did 2... well, not officially.  I did go early a few times for parties, presentations, etc.  On the last day, I went for their "songs" & party.  Does that count?  If not, Too Bad!  Preschool is OVER.

#25 - We officially have paid off 3 of the 5 credit cards.  Praise God for giving us patience and perseverance.  We are ALMOST done with the other 2 & are looking at one or 2 months!

#26 - We have been ultimately blessed with awesome people in our lives.  Our personal debts have been forgiven.  Would anyone mind if I paralleled this to the forgiveness of our Heavenly Father?  We were in earthly debt beyond imagine.  Our earthly fathers' forgave us.  Thank you, Dave.  Thank you, Tom. Thank you Lord for blessing us with these wonderful people. (Well, thanks Elaine & Joy, also.  I am sure you had a little part in this).